Posted: 02/15/11

I’m no Julia Child in the kitchen, and I’m big enough to admit it.

In fact, many of my own culinary “episodes” have resulted in the utter destruction of various poultry, pasta and produce, resembling nothing like the savory, delectable meal I had happily envisioned. It’s not that I can’t follow a recipe. But sometimes words, or even pictures on a page aren’t sufficient to communicate...

Posted: 01/20/10

Each day I arrive at work, reach for my employee badge, and like a magic wand, a simple wave triggers a beep, then a flash of light and voila! I wondered how many of you experience this familiar routine with an HID Global ID card?

You may not even realize you’ve got one: Check the back of your ID badge now for the blue HID brick and respond to our quick poll below.