A Decade of Effort


When thinking about Asia, it conjures many images and ideas for different people. It may be exotic with sunshine and beaches, and yet it may be lost treasure, requiring someone like the famed Indiana Jones to unlock its hidden treasures.

For HID Global’s Fargo brand of products, it represents 10 years of success and tremendous growth within Asia Pacific.

With HID’s Fargo brand of decentralized card printing systems that are well-known and regarded within the identification industry, our systems bring to mind of innovation, stability and loyalty. As our business partners grow with us, we have worked this virgin territory and have grown the business together. People still remember the first card printer we brought to the region and believe it or not, it still functions well. When we introduced our fourth generation of retransfer printer, the HDP5000, in 2007, people were bewildered by the style of technology we were bringing forward. Only a few short years later, the compact state-of-the-art Hi-Fi HDP5000 system still produces unbelievable printing quality. Even in Japan, where communication seems difficult because of language issues, the thrilling response could not be stifled when presenting the over-the-edge color printed card to them. “Ki Ne i” is what they exclaimed, meaning awesomely beautiful. In fact, most people thought it was pre-printed.

Believe it or not, Fargo started to establish its distribution and partner network in APAC only 10 years ago. Since then, we have set the standard for card personalization printing in the region. Currently, approximately 80 percent of airports in China are using our printers, and HID’s Fargo brand is always the top choice of ministries responsible for managing identification security. Even the powerful Democratic Party of Japan is printing their member cards using our Persona model instead of the local brand. Additionally, the Miss Universe 2008 organizer relied upon our HDP5000 to print fancy card-based tickets, which also doubled as souvenirs.

Within Asia’s financial industry, which is usually dominated by the thought of centralized issuance, HID’s Fargo brand products have provided new stimulus with the concept of instant issuance and on-demand issuance.

Our HDPii is utilized by different banks in Malaysia and Korea to issue MasterCard credit cards, generating unprecedented market response and application of the unique picture card, so it is called in the industry here. The revolution has also provided a boost to the to gift card business in the region. Instead of issuing a standard paper gift certificates that are seen as impersonal, Homeplus, the joint venture of Samsung and Tesco, has chosen the HDP5000 to adopt online, on demand gift card applications in order to stay closer to their customers

More and more stories, as well as applications of these technologies are on the horizon. Technology never stops and neither does our imagination when it comes to pushing the market ahead with novel identification solutions.