Shaping Transportation Security in Latin America


It is no surprise that airports look to HID Global when challenged to deploy multiple layers of access control for restricted areas, while providing a flexible solution that is convenient and accommodates high volume traffic with large numbers of users.

In Latin America, HID Global is the trusted brand for major airports, including the International Airport of Mexico City, which one of the world's 30 most active airports in terms of passengers, operations and cargo. Located six miles east of Mexico City, the airport is Mexico's primary international and domestic hub with direct flights to more than 300 worldwide destinations.

A major airport construction is underway at another one of the most important hubs in the region (that is also ranked among the world's top 50th busiest airports for passengers). The airport also selected HID Global for their access control needs. As one of the most is politically and economically important airport in the region, it serves as its nation's primary international gateway, accounting for 49% of the total air traffic in the country. HID iCLASS credentials and readers were the access control solution of choice to meet the airport's security requirements. In certain areas where additional security was necessary, a dual factor authentication solution was implemented the iCLASS RK40 reader plus keyboard combination and bioCLASS readers for biometrics. The project included delivering secure access to over 120 doors.

Even though each airport in the region has its unique set of requirements, HID is able to deliver on a range of solutions, from systems that enable the use of multiple types of credentials on one reader, to providing a solution that utilizes readers designed to match specific risk levels by incorporating PIN and biometric verification for higher security.

This particular airport modernization project also includes a demolition plan of the current airport and construction of a completely new airport, which will undoubtedly be the largest infrastructure project in the city. When completed in the summer of 2014, it will be the largest and most modern airport in Latin America.

All of Latin America is also full of airport success stories where HID has been the brand of choice in access control. In Brazil, as the country prepares for a major infrastructure investment in airports to accommodate the major events such as World Cup in 2014 and Olympic Games in 2016, I am sure we will also be seeing a lot of HID Global products and solutions deployed as an important part of this major project for the country as well.