The Year Ahead for Access Control and Secure Identities


At ISC West this year, attendees faced many secure access challenges, from limited budgets to a complex credential management process. The economic recovery is likely to further increase complexity by fueling mergers and acquisitions, more remote working, and greater need to recognize, identify and authenticate employees as seamlessly, conveniently and efficiently as possible.  Add to these trends the complexity around the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, and the environment becomes even more challenging.  Meanwhile, threats continue to escalate, making it increasingly difficult – yet critical – to secure your identity.

The good news?  All of the technologies for solving these challenges are already here, including access control platforms based on open standards that enable organizations to evolve beyond current abilities and adapt to continuously changing threats.  These platforms also deliver more sophisticated credentials, new credential form factors including mobile devices, and numerous other advances. 

For HID Global and its partners and customers, the key to these advances is our iCLASS SE platform powered by Seos, a technology that enables any smart device with wireless technology (such as NFC or Bluetooth) to become a trusted credential.   Seos enables smartphones to receive digital cards and keys and “present” them to iCLASS SE readers.  The same handsets also can generate One Time Password (OTP) soft tokens for securely logging on to another mobile device or desktop computers for accessing the network or cloud- and web-based applications.  

Meanwhile, advances in converged back-of-house technologies will provide strong authentication and card management capabilities for computer and network logon, ensuring that identity can be managed on both plastic cards and smartphones, and that printer systems will also support both forms of identity.  Users will have a single card – or phone – that replaces all their previous mechanical keys and dedicated OTP hardware.  This single device will carry multiple identities, provide a seamless user experience, and deliver greater value to the organization.  The ultimate objective is a unified solution for ensuring secure access to the door, to data and to cloud applications, that uses an off-the-shelf appliance to create, manage and use secure identities.  Provisioning IT and PACS credentials to a single smart card or smartphone, using one set of processes, improves convenience and can greatly enhance security and reduce ongoing operational costs. It also centralizes identity and access management, consolidates tasks and enables organizations to quickly and effectively use strong authentication throughout their infrastructure to protect access to all key physical and IT resources.  

HID Global’s primary focus is to help our customers navigate the migration to these enhanced capabilities.  We’ve made major investments in extending our portfolio, including the acquisitions of companies such as Codebench and IdenTrust, and the development of our Secure Identity Services portal.  We’re also investing in empowering our partners through our Advantage Partner Program, which delivers enablement tools, insight into product roadmaps, and training and other resources.   The goal is to give our customers everything they need to lead – rather than struggle through – changes in today’s market environment and threat landscape.  Investing in the right solutions is a more important decision than ever before.

It has never been more important to secure your identity.  Organizations need a migration path to future higher-security solutions, and to be positioned to provide a seamless experience for their employees. We want to make it simple for them to solve challenges and realize tangible benefits today, while significantly improving security, convenience, and adaptability to meet future requirements.