Identity Authentication and Verification Technologies

How it Works


HID’s validation and verification technologies help organizations unlock a spectrum of services through secure, easily integrated data capture, RFID and biometric solutions. From enrollment to identity verification and ongoing authentication, your systems, people and places are protected and compliant — now and in the future.

Why HID Global

World-class regulatory testing and compliance including HIPAA, JCO, DEA-EPCS, CFR Title 21 SS 130.06, FIPS 201, FDA, FBI, EBTS Appendix F, PAD, GDPR, iBETA and highest NIST ranking

We support many technologies and form factors — from cards to wearables — for almost any application

Durable and built to work in
almost any environment

Ease of Integration
Flexible, customizable and
standards-based, ensuring simple
integration into existing and future systems

Customer Satisfaction
HID Global technology meets the
strictest industry requirements while
offering the best user experience

Global Reach
Proven Solutions supported by a global
network of partners, successful
customer use cases across industry and
a world-class team of experts